Need A Licensed Contractor?

Do You Need A Licensed Contractor?

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One of the questions I hear quite often is why the client should use a state licensed contractor to install their kitchen. In today’s economy, it seems anyone who can nail two pieces of wood together will come into your house and work for you. But its not that simple.

A licensed contractor is bound by the state to follow the codes, obtain the proper permits, and hire qualified people. Most important, they have to be properly insured. Most people never consider that  if you hire an unlicensed contractor and they are hurt in your house, YOU are liable for his injuries. A contractor is required to carry proper insurance to indemnify you for any injuries. Another advantage of hiring a licensed contractor is they will obtain the proper permits for your job. This protects you in several ways. One is the municipality will approve the plans, then inspect the job to make sure it is done correctly.  There can be no corner cutting if the plans are followed.

Not only is your family safer with a permitted job, but when you go to sell your home, you will not be forced to repair or even worse, remove the improvements you made without a permit.

I prepared these videos to help you make decisions when you’re picking a kitchen and bath professional. If you would like any further information or would like help in planning your project please give us a call at 561-844-3925