Kitchen Remodel Costs

How Much Should My Kitchen Remodel Cost?

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I enjoy talking to the people that come into my showroom. Most have at least some idea of what they want to do, but some have been led down conflicting paths. They usually have their kitchen dimensions or a small drawing and have given the same information to several other kitchen dealers or cabinet salespeople.

Unfortunately, if they have talked to, lets say, three different people, they have three different solutions, none of which may be exactly what they want. When I design a kitchen, depending upon the level of sophistication of the design, I can have as much as a 100% percent difference in the cost of the cabinetry because of design sophistication, accessories, electric work, plumbing complications and many other factors.

Even using the exact same cabinet manufacturer will not make a difference if you are not figuring the exact same job. What may be the lowest estimate may actually have the highest finished cost. The bidder may have left out a few things, or designed a simpler layout. In some cases the most expensive initial estimate my actually have the best value in finished cost. It’s never as easy as just choosing the cheapest price.

I prepared these videos to help you make decisions when you’re picking a kitchen and bath professional. If you would like any further information or help inĀ  planning your project please give us a call at 561-844-3925