Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Reface Or Cabinet Replace?

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One question I seem to answer over and over is about cabinet refacing, sometimes called cabinet refinishing. There is a lot of advertising out there now for refacing, but in truth, not that much refacing going on. Many of the advertisers simply use refacing ads as a way to generate leads to get their high-pressure salesman in your home. Then you are presented with a proposal and told that FOR A LITTLE BIT MORE they can put in new cabinets.

Refacing has another problem. You can not change the design or improve the footprint in the kitchen. It also doesn’t allow you to add roller trays or additional accessories unless you pay extra. Naturally, the biggest problem with refinishing is that it doesn’t allow you to replace the cabinet itself.  A lot of times the cabinets themselves have failing end panels or are starting to sag.  Also, your cabinets may no longer be able to support new granite counter tops.

You need to consider value also.  Doors account for almost 70% of the total cabinet cost, and you are still stuck with the old frames and interior.  Refacing might not be much of a money saver.  Another problem we have here in Florida is the humidity factor. When you bring a veneer that comes from up north into the Florida market, it takes about a year to year and a half for that wood to start absorbing the moisture and become acclimated to our airborne moisture. Then it expands. That is why you may see ripples in the side of your cabinets or on recovered doors.

Twenty years ago when we first opened our showroom we performed cabinet refacing. After about a year and a half we found we were spending more time servicing our old jobs than meeting new customers. Because of those additional costs and errors we made the decision not to recommend refacing.
I prepared these videos to help you make decisions when you’re picking a kitchen and bath professional. If you would like any further information or would like help in planning  your project please give us a call at 561-844-3925.